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Touriste Lokal offers diverse boat charter services, curated for all experience levels, ensuring unforgettable ocean adventures led by a passionate marine expert.

Select your dream trip.

Yacht sourcing

Discover an unrivalled fleet of luxury vessels at your fingertips with our exclusive yacht-sourcing service.

Yacht provisioning

Embark on an extraordinary voyage through the captivating destinations of Seychelles, accompanied by our exceptional yacht provisioning service.

The Crew

Experience the epitome of a perfect charter journey with our exceptional crew.

Overnight charters

Indulge in the ultimate Seychelles experience with our prestigious overnight charter service, revealing the islands' allure under the starlit sky. Traverse diverse mooring locations with our skilled captain, ensuring an unforgettable overnight stay.

Day charters

Escape to unforgettable moments of romance, celebration, or aquatic excitement aboard our luxurious day charters. Our experienced crew anticipates your every desire, guiding you along pristine coastlines, under the tropical sun, and into turquoise waters.